The Transgender & Crossdresser Gaff – Hide & Tuck Genitalia Guide

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The Transgender & Crossdresser Gaff – Hide & Tuck Genitalia Guide

Crossdresser GaffFor the majority of us crossdressers it is really important that we can transform ourselves into the most feminine and passable version of ourselves, we want to be the alluring and sexy women pictured inside our heads and we ideally want to turn that vision into reality. We want to wear that little black dress or a slim mini skirt whilst having the confidence that our femininity will remain intact, here lies a little problem. To pull off wearing tight or minimal clothing does require that the pesky male package in our crotch region, namely genitalia, stays firmly hidden, tucked away, and flattened within our underwear.

Hiding, Tucking & Flattening Your Male Genitalia

You have a few different options for concealing your manhood, some of which work better than the others but we should take a look below.

1. Panty Girdle or Tight Panties – You can easily get hold of these items in most stores, many xdressers wear a slightly smaller size of panty girdle to create a tighter stomach area whilst using the rigidity of the panty to try and hold the male parts intact and flattened. However, it can be really hard to find an ideal pair of either tight panties or girdle sufficiently strong around the crotch area to hold and flatten the male genitalia.

2. Tie-Sides – This type of panty is as the name suggests, you tie them around the sides of your waist, sufficiently tight, to hold everything in place. I have found that these are somewhat uncomfortable for all but the most proficient of tuckers.

3. Crossdresser Gaff – This is a specific crossdressing and transgender panty that features a super strong control panel at the front which flattens and tucks your male genitalia easily and comfortably for extended periods of time (My favorite of all the panty options available).

Arranging your “Male Parts” to fit neatly into the hiding gaff

There are a couple of tried and tested techniques that will help your male genitalia to fit better inside the gaff.

1) The pull up and conceal method – This very simple method requires you to pull up the gaff panty and at the same time take hold of your penis and genital area and push those down and underneath whilst firmly pulling the hiding gaff panty into place around the top of your thighs. If you have purchased a really strong fronted gaff then this method should suffice in flattening and concealing around your crotch area and you may not even have to resort to the ‘extra rearrangement method’ listed below.

2) The extra rearrangement method – To create the ultimate flat crotch area then it is essential that you have a super strong hiding gaff and you use the techniques that are listed below.

a) Everything upfront: You should be able to get hold of your balls in one hand, bring those to the front, whilst moving your penis underneath to create the flattest arrangement possible. You may be surprised to learn that you have an empty cavity above the balls that allow them to rise into and be hidden away from sight. Bear in mind that you should be very careful when trying to place the balls into the upper empty cavity, practice slowly and beginners may even want try this method whilst laying on their back.

b) Placing the penis behind: Now that you have your balls upfront and hopefully hidden from sight in that empty cavity you can proceed to place the penis. To flatten the penis you should ideally place your hand from behind through your legs and pull the penis backwards between your legs, you can do this from the front if you aren’t able to go through the legs from the back.

c) Gaff adjustment: You can now complete the method by pulling up the gaff around your thighs as high around the thigh area as required, this should leave a flattened crotch area. You can place your hand down the front of the gaff and push the penis further around to fine tune things.

Transgender Gaff Tips:

When you need to use the bathroom you will need to rearrange your package again but by practicing the methods listed above at least a few times you should be easily able to get everything nice and flat again in matter of a few seconds.

Try to not get over excited about things whilst wearing a crossdressing gaff as it can cause mild discomfort and is better avoided.

Here at ‘Crossdress Boutique’ we only offer top quality hiding gaffs and you can be assured that each and every crossdresser gaff has been selected for durability and comfortable wear in mind.

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