Crossdresser Transformation – 10 Makeup Essentials

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Crossdresser Transformation – 10 Makeup Essentials

Crossdresser Transformation – 10 Makeup Essentials

Crossdresser Transformation – 10 Makeup Essentials

Create a beautiful feminine face with our 10 makeup essentials.

I will admit, through my own experiences, starting out with crossdresser makeup can be just a little frustrating, let’s face it, we see all these amazing images of celebrity makeup and we can only hope our efforts will be at least close to such perfection.

To my disappointment makeup wasn’t something I had mastered when I took my first cautious steps out the door as a male to female crossdresser. However, fast forward 15 years I can modestly say that I am somewhat of an expert in crossdressing makeup, what to buy and how to best use it.

Like many crossdressers who are starting out and wanting to progress to passing as female in the real world makeup can be a big problem. I had a lot of questions about my crossdressing transformation and feminizing my face but nobody to ask, I did find YouTube of some help but then it only started to add to my frustrations, watching video after video to find crossdresser makeup tips, and often finding conflicting instruction and people saying different things.

I do vividly remember when I plucked up enough courage to visit my local store to buy some beginner friendly makeup albeit with no clue about the makeup tools or products that would work best for me.

If you are reading this article not as a transsexual but as a crossdresser, meaning you are male 99% of the time, then it goes without saying that you need to have a really good shave with a great manual razor (no electrics). Achieving a really close shave is extremely important before attempting to create your feminine facial illusion with makeup, that is unless you are a fan of beard shadow showing through your makeup.

The 10 makeup essentials for your crossdresser transformation.

1) Face Wash: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Before you even think about applying makeup it is very important to cleanse your face, make sure you have a face wash that does not contain any harsh chemicals which may irritate your skin, a clear and cleansed face is important going forward.

A really good face cleanser is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser which can be used on all skin types including dry, acne & eczema prone skin.


2) Face Moisturizer: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

After washing your face the skin will dry out so you must apply a gentle moisturizer to the face to create a flawless base before your makeup application.

I have skin that goes tight after face washing and I always use Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion which is oatmeal based and makes skin look fresher and reduces stress lines.

3) Concealer or Beard Cover:

Graftobian Color Corrector & Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Crème

Graftobian Color Corrector WheelKryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Crème

The use of concealer and beard cover crème can vary depending on the look you are trying to create, but in all cases try not to cake the product onto your face. Starting with concealer, which is a crème based cosmetic which should match your skin tone and is usually applied to hide dark spots, dark areas and even light beard shadow. A specific beard shadow crème will contain a salmon/pink colour pigment which under foundation cosmetics will actually hide even significant beard shadow and other facial imperfections like birth marks, acne & eczema.

If you use a really good professional concealer like Kryolan, which is my favorite, then you can also apply it to more of the face areas including lightly under eyes by using a blending sponge and achieve a more complete flawless makeup look without the caking of cheaper concealers.

I solely use and rely on just 2 products, these are Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Crème (Concealer) and Graftobian Corrector Wheel (Beard Cover).

4) Blending Sponge: Beautyblender Original

Beautyblender Original

Without my faithful blending sponge I would be completely lost, you should use one of these to create a smooth & flawless application of your concealer, beard shadow, and foundation. Don’t get me wrong you can apply crème and liquid cosmetic products with brushes but when you have tried using a good blender sponge then you would not go back to your old ways.

My favorite application sponge is the Beautyblender Original.

5) Foundation: Dermablend Professional Cover Crème

Dermablend Professional Cover Crème

Full coverage foundation is the second most important cosmetic item in the list after concealer or beard shadow, unlike a biological born woman us pre-hair removal crossdresser and transgender girls have to cope with trying to hide pronounced masculine facial features. So, a good full coverage foundation is our band-aid to achieving a feminine facial appearance.

The big mistake with foundation is to try products from your local store in the hope it is good, don’t bother, you need some great advice here and you need to follow it. You definitely need to apply a professional full coverage foundation that will give you a near flawless look.

My foundation of choice for the past 10 years is Dermablend Professional Cover Crème, this foundation has the ability to cover all masculine features, dark circles, under eyes, around the lip area, and even beard shadow. Top Tip: Do not be a cheap skate on this item, for your sense of well-being please just buy the Dermablend.

6) Setting Powder: Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

A setting powder is used to set your foundation and once applied your face makeup should stay put all day long. The best setting powders will give you a waterproof barrier for your face, they will stop a shine appearing if you have oily skin or you perspire, and they have staying power for a minimum of 16 hours wear to keep your face looking flawless and fresh.

I personally use Dermablend Loose Setting Powder which is complimentary to Dermablend full coverage foundation.

7) Makeup Brushes: iLoveCus 16 Set Makeup Brushes

iLoveCus 16 Set Makeup Brushes

The use of makeup brushes can be a steep learning curve and I don’t confess to know what every brush can be used for. The thing that is most important when you choose makeup brushes is that you should not skimp on quality, a good quality brush can make the difference between poor and flawless makeup.

If you get high quality brushes, they will actually pay for themselves over time though fibres which don’t waste your products and they will make your foundation or eye shadow blend much more seamlessly. I would recommend a mid-range set of iLoveCus makeup brushes (16pcs) for a really good start.

8) Eye Pencil: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Liner

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Liner

I love my eye pencil as it can be used for a multitude of different things, the primary use being to line your inner eyelids, and if you have a brown pencil then it can also be used for your brows and even your lips.

Eye pencils are pretty cheap and I would recommend my favorite black eye pencil which is L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Liner, this pencil is easy to hold and it seems to stay put on my eyes for ages.

9) Eyeshadow: Ucanbe 15 Matte Pigment Eyeshadows Set

Ucanbe 15 Matte Pigment Eyeshadows Set

I have never been a big fan of really complex multi-colored eyes, probably because it takes a long time to apply and you need to completely master the use of eye brushes. Don’t worry you can easily create a visually stunning and flawless eye makeup look with some inexpensive neutral eye shadow shades.

I am a big fan of the Ucanbe 15 Matte Pigment Eyeshadows Set as it contains great shades which last on your eyelids all day.

10) Lipstick: Nabi Professional Lipsticks 8pcs

Nabi Professional Lipsticks 8pc

Us girls love our lipsticks, it should look good but also stay on our lips, this is why you should be especially aware that not all lipsticks are created equal, don’t go cheap with lips or lip gloss as this beauty cosmetic really does make your face pop and finishes off that complete makeup look.

I personally use a lipstick collection from Nabi Professional which contains 8 different lipstick colors.

The Crossdresser Stepping Out Program Review

The Crossdresser Stepping Out Program Review

You need to also get cleaning products to remove your makeup, you want to be able to get it off easily & safely from your skin. Your collection should include face wipes and/or baby oil, a good face cream for after you take off your makeup, and some nail polish remover in liquid form or as a pack of wipes.

Here at ‘Crossdress Boutique’ we commonly get asked to recommend crossdresser makeup kits. Although, we do offer a few kits we really only suggest you use these for makeup application training or just for the sheer quantity of color eye shadows that usually come with them.

Most makeup kits are poor quality and only contain a few items, you will still need most of the items in our suggested makeup essentials list. However, if you really have to buy a makeup kit, maybe for money reasons, it is very important that you still get a good concealer or beard cover crème (fig.3) and you get a decent foundation (fig.5) as these items cannot be duped in a cheap kit.

You can also see crossdresser makeup products in our shop, we have most things you will need for your crossdressing transformation, please feel free to contact us if you want further help or information.

(Please note: Some makeup essentials we list in this article do include links to Amazon and/or our shop pages, this provides you with more product information or the option to purchase that item or similar if you want.)

Our Best Selling Crossdresser Makeup Products:


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