5 Top Tips for Crossdressing & Transgender Makeup

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5 Top Tips for Crossdressing & Transgender Makeup

5 Top Tips for Crossdressing & Transgender Makeup

5 Top Tips for Crossdressing & Transgender Makeup

5 Top Tips for Crossdressing & Transgender Makeup

We always seem to get a lot of questions, from our crossdress, transgender and drag queen makeup customers, wanting makeup advice and tips. So, albeit we have written a few articles on various makeup topics we wanted to round up our 5 top tips for crossdressing makeup so hopefully you can achieve a repeatable flawless makeup look and beauty routine that is both quick, easy and will get you compliments wherever you go.

It seems obvious to say but you must remember that your face in the very first thing that people will notice and this does mean that your face makeup will be your initial feminine impression. That said, whether beginner or having more advanced crossdress makeup skills, you should have basic makeup techniques that help you achieve that amazing first feminine impression.

So, please take a little time to look over our 5 top tips for crossdressing makeup, we hope these help in your beauty regime.

(Tip #1) Use Good Quality Makeup Brushes

SHANY Artisan's Easel - Elite Cosmetics Brush Collection

It is very important to use brushes instead of applying makeup with your fingers, you’ll be able to get a more even coverage when using a makeup brush and a better overall finish. It is also sanitary to use brushes, this is especially important, if you have acne prone skin or other skin conditions as makeup brushes can prevent breakouts on the face.

Using premium quality brushes is especially important as the makeup products will apply evenly on your face, we want a smooth application and not that caked on look, importantly we don’t want bristles detaching, sticking to your made-up face, which is normal with cheap makeup brushes.

Let’s face it girls & boys, we are spending valuable time and money getting all our makeup collection together, you have makeup products that you really love and these can make you look your feminine best. What we don’t want to do is overlook the most important element of our makeup kit; the makeup brushes.

I like to think of makeup brushes as tools, you use them to apply your makeup products, it’s rather like a DIY project; when you have the right tools at hand then getting the job done is both quick & easy and it looks much better.

You can get makeup brushes as part of a good makeup brush kit which may work out a bit cheaper, be sure to check all the brushes are included and if not buy those specific ones separately.

Recommended Makeup Brushes: ‘Sigma Beauty’ Makeup Brushes.

Other Essential Items:
Beauty Blender: Ideal for easy blending of liquid or cream concealers and foundation (Best when used slightly damp).
(We can’t stress enough about investing in high quality makeup brushes as otherwise you’ll not get past the first step in achieving your flawless makeup look.)

(Tip #2) Preparing Your Face (Prep & Prime Stage)

makeup prep and prime
It is very important to have a makeup routine of prep (preperation) and prime to allow your face to be in the best condition before applying a foundation and other makeup products. If you don’t start out with a good canvas (face) then you will really struggle to achieve a truly flawless makeup finish. Many people think they can omit this stage, from the makeup regime and still get amazing results, sadly if that were only true.

a) Shave your face – If you do have facial hair then it is very important to shave your face with a good quality razor, don’t use an electric shaver as you will not get rid of those fine hairs, we need a really close shave before moving to the next steps.

b) Wash you face with a cleanser – You will find that it is easier to apply makeup to fresh, clean skin, so simply wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

c) Apply an alcohol free facial toner – this will help remove leftover dead skin cells and other bacteria that your cleanser may have missed.

d) You really should exfoliate – It is important that perhaps once or even twice a week you exfoliate your skin which helps to keep your skin and complexion in great shape by making sure your face and pores are free of any dirt buildup.

e) Use a face primer – This step is used my 95% of women and you will find makeup professionals insist on using a face primer, this is because if prepares your skin to accept foundation and others cosmetics, it gives a healthy glow, and makes your makeup stay put for longer.

You can get rather bogged down with the shear volume of products available for makeup prep & prime, don’t worry as we have recommend products above which have been tried and tested, and all of our recommended products are those which our transgender staff actually use on regular basis.

(Tip #3) Use a color correcting concealer (Cover Beard Shadow)

Color Correcting Concealer Wheel
If you do have facial hair issues such as prominent 5 o’clock shadow (beard shadow), dark circles underneath the eyes, or skin blemishes then don’t just bury them with really thick layered concealer or foundation as this will end up drawing other people eyes to focus on those areas. In actual fact it is far better to use a color correcting concealer on those problem areas which will result in a much more natural makeup finish.

The idea behind color correcting is utilizing complimentary tone concealers which neutralizes the skins color imperfections, you will cancel out dark areas of beard or 5 o’clock shadow, dark under eye areas or other skin discoloration areas.

Let’s say you have a dark beard shadow then by applying a light layer of red or pink concealer to that area and covering with foundation will result in a cancelling out of the beard shadow, it seems magic but it’s really not, and most color correcting kits explain what colors neutralize different areas of your facial imperfections.

You can get a complete video training course which teaches you everything you need to know about using and applying crossdresser and transgender makeup, including color correcting, from makeup artist Chris Scott in the Makeup Magic Program.

(Tip #4) Make sure you take good care of your skin

Take good care of your skin
If you are like me and regularly scan your social media it can be just downright depressing seeing pictures of beautiful women with flawless skin and amazing natural looks. There are numerous things that happen to our skin as we age, some we can fight with a good skin care routine and others we cannot. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that all the beautiful women on Instagram have one thing in common; they take meticulous care of their skin

a) Don’t use regular soap bars – Most soap bars are far too harsh to use on our skin and most contain ingredients that can irritate and even dry out the skin. It is far better to use liquid facial cleansers (see tip #2) as they are much gentler and kinder to your skin and leave you feeling fresher.

b) Drink plenty of water in the morning – It has long been known that drinking water will have a good impact on your health and well being, it’s great for dieting and it also helps the skin hydrate leaving it looking better and able to better withstand the rigors of regular makeup.

c) Apply a moisturizer daily – Using a moisturizer is something that should be part of your EVERYDAY skin care routine, you don’t have to use high-end products for effective and noticeable results, just use a product like L’Oreal Paris face moisturizer, available from your local drug store.

d) Use a face mask once a week – You can really start noticing a difference to the skin texture and skin radiance by using a face mask once a week, masks are also really good to use before applying makeup, try this on your next night out.

(Tip #5) You should keep on practicing your makeup

You should keep on practicing your makeup
If you want to get good at applying makeup then it’s heartening to know that, like any other skill, the basics can be picked up fairly quickly and easily and the more you practice your makeup routine the better the results will be.

Starting out with makeup can be a little frustrating, especially if you don’t have the right tools and makeup products, and if you want immediate flawless makeup then you should take a breath and go start with the basics as otherwise you can become mighty frustrated.

Makeup is really like any other skill – if you practice regularly then the better you will get, the more proficient you get at doing your makeup, the more feminine and convincing you will start to look as a woman.

You can also sign up to the magic makeup program, this will have you going from beginner to advanced in super quick time, this video based course teaches you everything you need to know about using and applying crossdressing and transgender makeup it’s called the Makeup Magic Program.

FOUNDATION MAKEUP PRODUCTS TIP: We would recommend the following makeup brands for foundation; Dermablend and Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Crème.

You may want to take a look at our crossdresser transformation article which goes in more detail about using specific makeup products such as face primer, highlighting concealer, full coverage foundation and some makeup setting powder (View our popular 10 makeup essentials article).

Getting Makeup Advice…

Amazing makeup techniques and the best methods for achieving a flawless feminine makeup finish are something you can easily learn through lessons from a professional makeup artist. However these can be expensive that is why we recommend you to great makeup advice, through simple step learning, available in this superb video training called the Magic Makeup Program – please signup for the course.


(1) 10 Makeup Essentials (Crossdresser Transformation); This article for crossdresser transformation gives you plenty of advice and tips with 10 Makeup Essentials that you need to create your flawless feminine makeup look.

(2) How to Conceal & Cover Beard Shadow for Crossdressers and Trans Women; this article covers everything you need to know about concealing, covering and hiding beard shadow (5 0’clock shadow) for crossdresser and transgender girls, it covers color correcting concealers, color wheels, colors that neutralize various skin problems, application instructions for color correcting concealer, and laser hair removal options.



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  • Paula
    Paula Reply

    Thank you for your tips on makeup, I have watched many YouTube videos and find that many of them are too confusing but your article makes things clearer, I have just switched to Sigma makeup brushes and Kryolan foundation, the difference is like night and day and my crossdresser friends have been giving me really nice compliments for my improved appearance 🙂

    July 16, 2019 at 10:49 am

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