Crossdressing Hiding Gaffs

The ‘Crossdress Boutique’ Crossdressing Hiding Gaffs:

When a crossdresser comes to creating the desired illusion of femininity there is a very important part of the male anatomy that really needs to be hidden, an unsightly bulge created by male genitalia underneath a skirt or dress is not the look that most of us want to convey. Therefore, to create a confident female illusion we need an undergarment which flattens and hides the male crotch area, this is called a crossdresser hiding gaff and it neatly tucks away the parts that we want hidden. If you plan to be wearing a tight dress or skirt then a hiding gaff is a very important piece of crossdresser apparel and you will find a great selection of styles and sizes of gaff listed below, some come with higher waist coverage for body shaping and others are of slim design just to cover any manhood.

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