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Gender Dysphoria an Essential Guide To Understanding and Dealing with Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Dysphoria: The Essential Guide

  Gender Dysphoria: The Essential Guide This comprehensive book covers the topic of  ‘Gender Dysphoria’, often refereed to as Gender Identity Disorder. Gender Dysphoria, or Gender identity disorder, is something that causes a lot of anxiety and confusion to the sufferer, this book covers the subject in great detail. It helps in coming to terms with this condition and offers advice to enable you, a loved one, or [...]

Sex Change Male to Female Book

Sex Change – Male to Female An Essential Guide

  Sex Change – Male to Female An Essential Guide First of all, we know, the title of this book ‘Sex Change’ is not the wording we use in todays transgender language. The term that should have been used in the title of this book should be ‘Gender Confirmation Surgery‘ or ‘Gender Reassignment Surgery‘. However, we should forgive the author the title, the reason I say [...]

Crossdresser Transformation – 10 Makeup Essentials

Crossdresser Transformation – 10 Makeup Essentials

Create a beautiful feminine face with our 10 makeup essentials. I will admit, through my own experiences, starting out with crossdresser makeup can be just a little frustrating, let’s face it, we see all these amazing images of celebrity makeup and we can only hope our efforts will be at least close to such perfection. To my disappointment makeup wasn’t something I had mastered when I took [...]

Find your perfect bra size guide for crossdressing and transgender females

How to Find Your Perfect Bra Size (Crossdressing & Transgender Advice)

It is nearly impossible for us girls not to feel really sexy and wonderful in a nicely fitting girly bra, it may be a surprise to you that the majority of transgender and crossdressing girls actually wear the wrong size bra. You also do not need to feel alone here girls as it has also been proven that around 75% of genetic females also wear [...]

Crossdresser Gaff

The Transgender & Crossdresser Gaff – Hide & Tuck Genitalia Guide

For the majority of us crossdressers it is really important that we can transform ourselves into the most feminine and passable version of ourselves, we want to be the alluring and sexy women pictured inside our heads and we ideally want to turn that vision into reality. We want to wear that little black dress or a slim mini skirt whilst having the confidence [...]

Val's Transition - Gender Reassignment

My Transgender Transition Story from Boy to Girl (From Heartbreak To Joy)

Dear Readers, Let me introduce myself, I am Val Marks and I am a Transgender Girly Female, in among’st a very hectic and somewhat chaotic lifestyle I have been through gender reassignment, come out the other side and find myself now living the life of a post operative transsexual. I sometimes find it really hard to open up about my personal life but having now gone [...]

The Complete Crossdresser Stepping Out Secrets Program (CD/TV/TG)

This is an instant download containing instructional guides and videos

This crossdressing program shows you the exact steps to transform yourself into a confident and sexy woman regardless of your age, you will learn to easily pass as a female today!

The Stepping Out Secrets Review

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Transgender Voice Feminization 30 Days