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Dermablend Cover Creme & Foundation

If you need to cover skin imperfections then Dermablend Cover Creme & Foundation could be your ideal cosmetic product range. Dermablend is one of the renowned producers of full coverage corrective makeup products that is widely used by fashion photographers, stage makeup artists , drag queens,  transgender, crossdressers and people that want a flawless look through minimal application. Dermablend products give an amazing natural finish to your skin but the coverage is capable of completely hiding skin imperfections such as burns, birthmarks, varicose veins, acne, freckles, lupus and beard shadow. Our range of Dermablend products is always growing so please bookmark this page.

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dermablend-logoDermablend Cover Creme & Foundation Overview
The amazing Dermablend Cover Creme is your ultimate choice for full coverage makeup, lasting up to 16 hours, whilst giving you a flawless non mask like appearance.
You will find many dermablend reviews online that will show you how popular & highly rated this cosmetic range is.
Please click here for our Dermablend Shade Color Chart & Swatches image showing all the skin tones and Dermablend shades that available.
Dermablend Features:
Full coverage and full camouflage cover creme foundation: Covers Burns, Birthmarks, Varicose Veins, Acne, Freckles, Lupus and Beard Shadow.
Dermatologist tested and is also Allergy tested.
Provides you with superior skin hydration allowing 16 hour all day wear.
Transfer and Smudge resistant when using the Dermablend setting powder.
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