Crossdresser Corset, Cinchers & Transgender Shapewear

A crossdresser corset is one of those near essential items that most TG girls wear. If we want to look our fabulous best and create those feminine curves and slim waistline then there is no getting away from a corset, a waist cincher, or the tummy tucking crossdressing shapewear. If you have never worn a corset or cincher before then you will be happy to learn that you can easily emulate the ‘hour glass figure’ that regular women take for granted. If you look below you will find crossdresser corsets, waist cinchers and shapewear that will enhance your MTF body transformation.

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So what exactly is the difference between a traditional corset and a waist cincher?

The definition of a 'Waist Cincher' is of a shaping garment which goes under your clothes and it pulls in your stomach and abdomen helping you take a couple of inches from your waistline. A good waist cincher will give you a noticeable slimming effect to your tummy and waist area.

A good crossdresser waist cincher will provide you with firm body shaping and stomach control, give you an improved posture, a much improved body shape, it will give an instantly slimmer midriff & tummy, and will give you that hour-glass body contour.

A traditional 'Corset' is again a shaping garment but usually has tight-lacing from bottom to top to create a smaller waist and an hourglass feminine figure. Corsets can take as much as 3" to 6" at the middle of your waist, they can also be worn a fashion accessory, for medical reasons, sexy fun and waist size reduction.

So, Girls now it's time to decide if you want pull in that waist line and achieve a feminine hourglass figure, if you want to create that true feminizing silhouette by flattening your stomach then you need to look at buying a waist cincher or corset.