Gender Dysphoria: The Essential Guide

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Gender Dysphoria an Essential Guide To Understanding and Dealing with Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Dysphoria: The Essential Guide

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Gender Dysphoria: The Essential Guide

This comprehensive book covers the topic of  ‘Gender Dysphoria’, often refereed to as Gender Identity Disorder.

Gender Dysphoria, or Gender identity disorder, is something that causes a lot of anxiety and confusion to the sufferer, this book covers the subject in great detail. It helps in coming to terms with this condition and offers advice to enable you, a loved one, or a friend to sort through their gender identity issues.

This ‘Gender Dysphoria’ reference book helps you to understand the condition, uncovers the causes of gender identity disorder and it highlights common symptoms that will relate to diagnosis.

Importantly, the book discusses what you can do to deal and work through gender dysphoria on a day by day basis, some days it can be debilitating. You will be shown how techniques and strategies can be used to deal with situations that you find most difficult.

The book also discusses transgender equality laws and matters relating to protection in society through transgender laws. This is great for family or friends of transgender people who want to understand what long term protection and discrimination laws are in place for a transgender person who is living or working full time in today’s society.

We think this book on ‘Gender Dysphoria’ is well written, uses non persuasive or judgmental language, and we believe it covers the subject of Gender identity disorder in great detail giving you accurate and concise information on the subject matter.

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