How to Clean Latex Clothing – Video Article

How to Clean Latex Clothing & Video



Latex Rubber is a natural product and when treated with care and the correct products, Latex Rubber garments will have a long life with many years of enjoyment out of them.


Latex Rubber Garments should be washed in warm clean water with no soap or detergents. Carefully wipe off excess water with a soft towel and leave to dry flat. Lightly dust with talc before putting away.

DO NOT attempt to tumble dry and definitely DO NOT iron or dry clean rubber garments.


The natural gloss on Latex Rubber can be enhanced by light polishing using a silicone based polish but we particularly recommend continued polishing for that manufacture guaranteed shine.

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There are some important facts about Latex Rubber that you should know about in order to take care and get maximum enjoyment from wearing Latex Rubber.

– It is easier to put a tight latex garment on if the inside is first lightly dusted with talc and we advise wearing light cotton gloves to avoid possible marking and fingernail damage. (Use the Vividress dressing aid spray as an alternative to talcum powder)

– Oils, greases and solvents destroy rubber so do not use any oil based lubricants or creams.

– The glossy surface of Latex Rubber can be permanently scratched if you attempt to polish it hard with a dry cloth so take care that your polishing cloth does not dry out when polishing.

– Latex Rubber can discolor, and eventually perish, if exposed to heat, sunlight and light with a high u.v. content. We recommend that, when not being worn, latex garments should be kept, lightly talc-ed, in a black plastic bag in a dry cupboard or drawer. Do not store in damp conditions and do not leave on or near heaters.

– Keep away from naked flame and fires, latex rubber burns readily.

– Latex Rubber permanently stains brown in contact with copper, brass or bronze. Light colors can even stain brown when handled after handling copper coins, so take care to keep dirty, sweaty fingers away from your latex clothes.