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What Do You Need To Know When Buying Sissy Panties?

We are pleased to be able to include this collection of what we think are sexy, fun and flirty sissy panties for men. However, unlike our crossdressing girls who are more familiar with female sizes vs mens sizing we felt that we should help you with some sissy underwear sizing information.

Let’s face it men, you tend to have a bigger frame and you are built somewhat more sturdy and wider around the waist and chest. So, to simplify the sizing problem all we ask is that you know your male WAIST & HIP MEASUREMENT! (Panties will fall onto your hips, So please measure yourself and don’t just rely on your normal jean size) and for a sissy bra you need your chest measurement.

We have also included a popup chart within each sissy pantys product listing which you can access by simply clicking the ‘panties sizing’ button and like magic a popup window with a sissy pants size chart will appear.

Although the sizing of our sissy pouch panties, sissy thong, and sissy bra items are generally accurate please bear in mind that not every clothing manufacturer adheres exactly to the sizing conventions and there is a small difference to factor in. However, in case of fitment issues you can return your sissi panties for refund or replacement.

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