Porto Cart Order Info USA Plus Canada

Important Order Information (Canada):

Order fullfillment using amazonCANADA ONLY ORDERS: It is very important that you have only added products into your cart that are being shipped from ‘Canada’, the shipping selector is shown on every product page (Please do not mix USA & CANADA shipping when adding products to your cart). Please also make sure that before you click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button above you ensure that you are signed into your ‘Amazon.ca’ account. we will add your order to their cart system, when we direct you to your Amazon cart page please ensure you click their [Continue] button, if you DO NOT have an ‘Amazon.ca’ account then click here, and if you are already signed into ‘Amazon.ca’ then just click the ‘Proceed to checkout button above.

Canada Customers (Using USA Shipment Option): Please do the following. Sign in/Sign up for an  ‘Amazon.com’ (USA) account Our partner ‘MyUS‘ provide this postal and shipping service, once you sign up Free you will get a virtual USA address and then they deliver internationally on your behalf (DHL), their discreet service is fast & reliable. You can get instructions on creating your Amazon.com & MyUS account here.