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The Crossdress Boutique – Choosing Crossdressing Wigs That Flatter Your Look

Many of us transgender, transvestites, tgirls and crossdressers have to conclude that a wig is our only option for realistic feminine hair, the advantage of wearing wigs is that they do give us the convenience of quick and easy style changes. Whatever your reason for needing a crossdresser wig you will find the following information about choosing crossdressing wigs both useful and hopefully interesting.

Many people first select a wig that is a similar color to their own hair and a style to make them appear natural whilst others opt for an opportunity to choose a completely new look or color to get themselves noticed. However, You should consider some important factors when choosing your crossdresser wigs, these include the shape of your face, the length of hair and the type of fiber a wig is made from. These factors should influence your decision when buying a wig style and will help you find your ideal crossdress wigs.

Their is a myth that a synthetic wig is always inferior in terms of a natural look and feel to a human hair wig but this is not the case. Many synthetic fiber wigs will look great and they also have their pros and cons over real human hair styles, so please consider buying a synthetic wig and don’t let others put you off.

If you are a busy girl, like me, then you will find that a synthetic wig requires much less maintenance and styling unlike real hair wigs. If you have a short or mid-length style you can literally hold them upside down and give a little shake and your synthetic wig will be ready to wear again, slightly longer length wigs will need a quick finger comb but require nothing time consuming. Also, synthetic transgender wigs can be very easily folded and packed away for storage or traveling, they are humidity resistant meaning that your wig will hold it’s style.

Human hair wigs are generally more expensive than synthetic crossdresser wigs but they have the advantage of being a little more versatile when it comes to styling and also you can get your local hair stylist to cut and style them to suit a different look.

Finally, my best advice would be to try and reign in your adventurous side, just a little and if you are choosing you first crossdresser wigs, choose wig styles that suit your face shape and your skin color. We have a selection of many modern and current trend sexy wigs that will be both realistic and passable for day or evening wear, also remember that you could always take your wig to a local hair stylist for any small and personal changes you may require.

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