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The Crossdress Boutique – Our Tips For Creating The Best Crossdresser Makover

We wanted to offer you some of our professional advice and experience for achieving your best crossdresser makover using transgender makeup including essential crossdresser makeup tips and techniques that are widely used by many m2f & tg girls to create a feminine appearance.

Hiding male traits like facial hair, stubble, beard and 5 o-clock shadow is a very important cosmetic requirement for male to female and transgender makeup face transformations. Initially, you should try out different razors to achieve the closest and smoothest beard area finish and also treat the area with moisturizer allowing any redness after shaving to reduce. If, after shaving, you are left with a medium to dark stubble area then your first cosmetic application should be a peachy or red color correction concealer applied directly to your chin and/or mustache area which will neutralize and minimize the dark tones in your skin.

You should apply a professional quality foundation such as MAC Studio Fix, Mac Studio Finish Concealer, Dermablend, or Kryolan Camouflage Creme onto the face either with your fingers or preferably with a beauty blender sponge or good makeup brushes. You will need a good foundation setting powder or fixing spray which will set the foundation and achieve a Matt finish which will normally last you all day or night, and stay put even if your face gets wet or you are in a high temperature environment. Using professional foundation and concealer products means that your face will not start to go shiny or start to peel when you get hot as this is especially important if you are wearing a wig which holds in the heat to your head.

Using additional makeup and crossdresser makeover techniques such as face contouring or sculpting is an easy way to achieve a much more feminine facial appearance. You should apply a light face powder to the brow bone and the middle of your nose, to the chin and mustache area, and the top of the cheek bones. Now you can apply a bronzer to your temple areas, around the top of the forehead and in an arc around your cheek bones. This method of highlighting and sculpting will then exaggerate those areas by making them appear more or less prominent and help you in achieving a more feminine face. This same affect can also be used with pro concealers such as kryolan camouflage creme and blended with a natural skin tone foundation before applying setting powder.

When it comes to lipstick you should take care in choosing a color shade that will compliment your look and not be too dramatic for general day application. You should really use a lip liner to create an outline around the lips to fill in with lipstick, try and stay loosely within your natural lip line area, lips that are really big can look very unnatural and a bit silly.

You should consider either controlling or shaping your eyebrows, this is easy to do using an eyebrow kit, nicely shaped eyebrows will have a dramatic improvement to you feminine facial appearance.

We hope that you have found these crossdresser makeup tips useful and would recommend you take a look at the product categories for transgender makeup, cover foundation, makeup kits, eyebrow & eyelashes, and false nails (Professional product ranges).

The ‘Crossdress Boutique’ is pleased to cater to an increasing audience of visitors including transsexuals, crossdressers, transvestites, female impersonators, cis gender, xdress men, drag queens, and regular girls and boys, our tgirl web team pride themselves on giving support to the LGBT community.

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