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Additional Information About Forced Fem & Sissy Feminization:

What is the meaning of Forced Feminization (The Process)?

The meaning and definition of forced fem or feminization is when a dominant partner (either gender) forces a male into a submissive feminine role. This could then mean getting them to put on girl’s clothes, maybe a sissy maid outfit, calling them by a female name, or assuming female mannerisms. The general fantasy of forced feminization is the feeling of forced submission, against the will of the submissive and being under the control of a dominant partner.

Many people are drawn by the appeal of forced feminization as it allows individuals to escape their traditional perceived masculine role which carries with the pressures of that lifestyle. Therefore, being forced to assume a submissive feminine role can be an emotional release and an enjoyable experience for both dominant and submissive partners.

However, as with all such activities including BDSM both the dominant and submissive partner should have safe limits and discuss a prearranged safe word for stopping the activities at any time.

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